Vestmannabjørgini, Faroe Islands
The cliffs west of the village Vestmanna, which is located on the west side of Streymoy, are very popular and one of the biggest tourist attractions in Faroe Islands. These cliffs are named Vestmannabjørgini, which means the cliffs of Vestmanna. They can best be seen with excursions by boat from Vestmanna. Locals boat-tours company in the village can offer unforgettable adventures on sea, to these astonish and breathtaking 6 km (approximately) long bird cliffs.

Vestmannabjørgini rise vertically several hundred meters from the sea, and with freestanding rocks over 150 meters. You will be able to experience these beautiful cliffs in a very close range, with the boat tours that goes from Vestmanna. They usually sail that you will be able to stretch you hand out and touch the cliffs with your hands. They also take you into deep grottoes that are carved by the surf through ages, and close to over hundreds meters high-rise cliffs where thousands of seabirds are nesting.
Vestmannabjørgini boat trip

Vestmannabjørgini boat trip

Not long ago locals used to climb and hoist these great cliffs, and in good days, they caught thousands of puffins, and which made it a good food source for the Faroese people. Sheep are also hoisted down on the bird cliffs, because of the good fertilized bird cliff grass, and after they are well grown, they are hoisted back up to be slaughtered. The meat of these sheep are usually much better and more expensive than other sheep meat.

The best time to visit Vestmannabjørgini are in the summertime, where the weather is better and more stable. Here you might see many kind of bird species, which stretch from guillemots, puffins, fulmars, gulls, cormorants, ride, auk and other Faroese birds.

It is also possible to see the cliffs from above, but here we recommend a guide, who can guide you in to the wild nature, and through the great mountains. In that way you might reach the top of Tosskorarhorn, where the view is extraordinary and unreal from anything else you ever might have seen.
The elephant in Vestmannabjørgini

The elephant in Vestmannabjørgini

Vestmannabjørgini from above, on Tosskorarhorn

Vestmannabjørgini from above, on Tosskorarhorn

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by Micheal H. on

I am going to Faroe Islands next year, and am very interesting in going to Vestmannabjorgini. COuld you please tell me where it is possible to rent a boat?

by James Bhor on

Was in Faroe Islands in 2015 and took a boat from Vestmanna to Vestmannabjørgini. It was amazing to see the enormous height of the cliff, and to be able to sail in such a close distance!

by Magnus on

Beautiful place!