Hiking in Faroe is a must since the landscape is stunning, unspoilt and set within a wild ocean, simple a breathtaking nature. Now there will be possible for you to hike with an guide to one of the most (if not the most) beautiful places in Faroe Islands. June, July and August are the best time for hiking in Faroe Islands, so we recommend these three months. If you are a group you are welcome to contact us and there might be possible to setup other months in the calendar as well.

We have chosen two hiking trips where you will see some very beautiful scenery. Trip #1 is to a mountain top called Tosskorarhorn and a beautiful valley. It looks steep from below but is actually easy to reach. Standing on the top you see Vestmannabjørgini and the sea 644m under you! Trip #2 is Árnafjall which is the highest mountain on the island of Vágar. The highest point is 722 meters above sea level. The name Árnafjall translates to the eagles mountain. The mountain lies on the west side of Vágar close to the village of Gásadal, which the start point will be. These trips will show you some of the most beautiful parts of Faroe Islands, parts where very few people have set their footstep, and where you really can feel one with the nature.

Trip #1 (Tosskorarhorn)

Around 7 Hours
Average (a bit steep to the top of Tosskorarhorn)
Around 12km
644 Meters on Summit
Price pr. person DKK 700,- (Minimum price for trip: DKK 2500,-)
Transport from Tórshavn is included

Trip #2 (Árnafjall)

Around 5 Hours
Around 7km
722 Meters on Summit
Price pr. person DKK 500,- (minimum price for trip: DKK 2200,-)
Transport from Tórshavn included


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