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  • Wedding in Faroe Islands?

    Wedding in Faroe Islands?

    The website (translated Wedding) has now given us a great “wedding guide” on how to get the most out of your wedding in Faroe Islands. There are many couples each year, who thrives on adventure and choose Faroe Islands as their destination wedding. Faroe Islands is a location that …Read More »
  • New hiking site

    New hiking site

    Now its less easy for both tourist and locals, to find great hiking tracks in Faroe islands. All because of a great new website called There are 340 mountains in the Faroe Islands, which many of them are a dream for all hiking fans out there. But most of …Read More »
  • Pictures from OPHfoto

    Pictures from OPHfoto

    e have uploaded more goodies from the photographer Osvald P. Hansen aka OPHfoto. All the beautiful pictures below are from a hike, he had this summer, around the “waterfall village” Gásadal. Most of the tourist visiting Gásadal has little and no time, and therefore only goes for the popular waterfall. But …Read More »
  • Dream location for photographers

    Dream location for photographers

    any professionals’ landscape photographers are traveling around the globe to find the most beautiful spots on earth, but not many have yet found and explored the fantastical Faroe Islands. One of the few who have found our little gem, are the world famous and award-winning photographer Paul Zizka, which are …Read More »
  • Faroese population increasing (Almost 50.000)

    Faroese population increasing (Almost 50.000)

    he population can decline or increase from one year to another, which often are the cause of economic reasons, health concerns, land exhaustion and environmental hazards. the Faroe Islands experienced a sharp decline in the population size in the middle of the 1990s. The main reason for this was an …Read More »
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