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WHAT TO SEE - Top Attractions in Faroe Islands
  • Ford and now Porsche

    Ford and now Porsche

    More and more film producers are getting in love with the beautiful faroese. In 2021 both Ford and Porsche have been using Faroe Islands on their big commercial films. See the video below – Enjoy!Read More »
  • Short hike in Faroe Islands

    Short hike in Faroe Islands

    Here are some wonderful photos from The hike is to the top of Reyðafelstind (766m), from the village Selatrað. This hike took around 4 hours. Enjoy the photos!Read More »
  • Location hunting

    Location hunting

    The little Faroese gets more and more known by the big world. And with the many beautiful locations that can be found around every corner, we surely understand why the big world is interesting to visit. So the Faroe Islands in the heart of the North Atlantic ocean are also …Read More »
  • Guide to Faroe Islands

    Guide to Faroe Islands

    For not many years ago, Faroe Islands was an almost unknown location for tourism. But it was not for long until the “world” open their eyes and saw this beautiful shining diamond, laying in the middle of the north atlantic ocean. Since then the Faroese people have been learning better …Read More »
  • Wedding in Faroe Islands?

    Wedding in Faroe Islands?

  • New hiking site

    New hiking site

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